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RETEXTURIZING SKIN PEEL at-home glycolic facial treatment kit by Ellen Lange
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Retexturizing Peel at home glycolic facial skin peel treatment kit gently exfoliates, removing dull surface cells and revealing healthy new youthful skin.

Use our professional skin peel to target: fine lines and wrinkles, skin tone, dry patches, pore size and breakouts.

Our skin system combines three different exfoliants: Glycolic, Enzymes and Physical to rejuvenate and resurface skin texture.

Benefits include:
Rejuvenate Skin・Even Skin Tone・Refine Pores・Reduce Dryness・Control Breakouts


Our skin peel set is one of the best chemical peels in the market today.

Retexturizing Peel is affordable and contains 8 at home skin peel treatments (less than $10 per peel) & two month supply of glycolic pads.

Peel Prep (2 oz.) an enzyme scrub
Peel Accelerator Pads (60 pads) pre-moistened glycolic peel pads
Glycolic Peel Solution (1.5 oz.) the original peel kit solution
Fan brush and dispensing cup

Retexturizing Peel incorporates our SubSurfacing technology proprietary delivery system. It is designed to integrate ingredients into the layers of the skin, where they are most effective.

Retexturizing Peel is ideal for all skin tones, dark skin, light skin, Caucasian skin, African skin, Asian skin, Hispanic skin and Mediterranean skin.

Use this skin peel treatment as an alternative to a TCA chemical peel, phenol Peel, and the VI Peel.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Free
Paraben Free
Gluten Free
Barley Free
Wheat Free
Clinically Tested
Plastic Surgeon Tested
No Animal Testing

Kit Includes:
8 at-home peels
60 glycolic pads


"My peel is unique," Lange tells Allure. "I was the first to do the cup and a brush at home, getting those professional tools into people’s hands. People have tried packaging similar things, but there’s nothing that creates that immediate effect."

The kit itself contains three products, which are to be used in succession: the Peel Prep Scrub, an enzyme-spiked exfoliant made with papaya fruit extract and jojoba beads; the Peel Accelerator Pads, which are soaked with five percent glycolic acid, witch hazel, and caffeine; and the Glycolic Peel Solution, which contains 10 percent glycolic acid and lactic acid.

The newly re-launched Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel Kit has a few minor changes that Lange says only long-time fans will notice. Jojoba beads, which are both exfoliating and moisturizing, replace controversial and now largely banned microbeads in the enzyme scrub, there's now an easy-access pump on the Glycolic Peel Solution bottle, and the entire system comes in a top-open box to make it easier to store the products in between treatments.

"The scrub is the same. The pads are the same. The peel is the same," says Lange. "One of our hashtags is #peelcult because it's got this cult following."

- The Ellen Lange Retexturizing Peel Kit Is Back and Better Than Ever, Allure Magazine

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